10 things to pack for your Greek holiday

1. Krugerand


Face it: Your Greek Euros will soon be worth less than toilet paper. Take hard currency, particularly useful if you need a cab in a hurry (photo by ErinKoo)

2. Cricket bat

Cricket bat

Greeks do love a good riot. Your bat won't arouse suspicion at UK airports but it will come in handy in the event of civil unrest (photo by CleverGrrl).

3. A German

A German (in Athens)

This man now owns most of Greece. If you get really stuck he'll know a good place to hide.

4. Brown suede shoes

Brown suede shoes

Lost your passport in the excitement? These shoes tell johnny foreigner you're an Englishman and require priority assistance. (Red trousers also work.)

5. Bandana


Very useful on hot sunny days. Also useful to tie around your head when the tear gas starts flying. (photo by Editor B)

6. Beef jerky

Beef jerky

In the event of food shortages, jerky is light enough to get past a Ryanair weigh-in but will keep you alive until you get back to Blighty (photo by Kusie).

7. Wind-up torch


Some parts of Greece are behind on the electric bill. Luckily this blackout buster doesn't even need batteries!

8. Satellite phone

Very big phone

If your iPhone suddenly stops working, whip out this bad boy - proven to get coverage even on the moon. Call mother immediately (photo by Tripp).

9. A phrase book

Don't shoot!

If you get caught on the streets without brown suede shoes, learn to how to say Δεν πυροβολον, Εμαι αγγλικ - Don't shoot, I'm English (photo by Todd Huffman).

10. Private jet

Cheap private jet

Leaving in a hurry? Hire a jet on arrival at your Greek holiday. Tell the captain to stay on the tarmac and leave the engines running.

For all other eventualities, try a holiday in Spain. It's a wiser choice.

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